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We recognize the value a videotaped deposition can bring to you:  Demeanor, body language, hesitancy, and emotion of a witness.  That's why we provide in-house video service to you when you need it.  

All of our videographers are certified legal video specialists.  They maintain state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a crisp, clear record.  Depositions are mastered on DVD for conversion to many different formats, whatever works best for you. 

  • Review video, text & exhibits simultaneously
  • Create, save and import clips into PowerPoint®, Trial Director®, Sanction, Summation®, etc.
  • Free viewer included
  • Keyword searching
  • Email clips

  • DVD format
  • MPEG1 format (compressed data to fit onto a CD)
  • VHS to digital conversion
  • Courtroom playback